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Ever felt the need to bookmark content that you consume online, organize them beautifully in collections, search them on any tab, remind yourself to read an article before going to bed, take beautiful notes, and access them on any tab of your browser?
Kollate has you covered. For free.

Bookmarking and note taking. For free.

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Beautiful bookmarking

Use our chrome extension to bookmark a link from any tab on your browser. Have existing bookmarks? Import them in one click.


Use collections, tags, categories, comments to organize your bookmarks.

Reading status

Never forget to read an article later by adding them to your reading list. Want to set a priority? No problem.


What's the point if you can't search your bookmarks easily?

Write beautiful notes

Rich note that supports many markdown shortcuts. Add screenshots, emojis, and much more


Organize your notes in personalized noteboooks.

Access them on any tab

Your note travels with you. No more switching tabs to take a quick note.